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Hi, I'm Nikki, a boring introvert with a coffee addiction :-)

Going to miss greece once back in england but this midday heat and humidity is almost unbearable


*gains 5 pounds*

Had such a fun day and night at the hotel haha been brilliant I joined in with entertainment guys and won darts and french baules and it has been cool and embarrassing because they saljted me and I got given cocktails and tonight was a filn quiz which I won and got a free bottle of champagne which is now all gone along with lots if vodka yep I am drunk but it was fun and I’m going to a beach party tomorrow night with some people I met haha. Now I need to go sleep this drunkness off xx

Going to a waterpark tomorrow :) pretty terrified of the “death slide” haha but determined to do it or I know I’ll regret it! Hopefully I won’t be hungover either haha a bit tipsy now but yeah should be good!!

Anonymous asked: When will you be back??? :O

Sunday :) probably anyway haha my mum has a bad ear infection and the doctors said she might not be able to fly back this weekend so might stay with her idk, finding out on friday